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Nothing will fall from sky right into your lap automatically!

Someone yesterday asked me that why she is not getting success? why she is not achieving satisfaction & fulfillment in life? Why she doesn’t feel the motivation to do anything about it. Why her problems are not getting solved at first place? Why she… Continue Reading “Nothing will fall from sky right into your lap automatically!”

Awaken yourself – Awaken Yourself from within!

Today I wish to remind you that you need to know more about yourself than others. You need to awaken yourself – awaken yourself from within. If you begin to explore the person you see in mirror everyday, know more about your strengths, recognise… Continue Reading “Awaken yourself – Awaken Yourself from within!”

What real satisfaction, happiness & success is?

I am sure you will agree to the fact that dissatisfaction, desperation & resentment, these days, seems to be swallowing the whole world around us. It seems that a lot of people are not satisfied with what they have, what they do, how they… Continue Reading “What real satisfaction, happiness & success is?”