What real satisfaction, happiness & success is?

I am sure you will agree to the fact that dissatisfaction, desperation & resentment, these days, seems to be swallowing the whole world around us.

It seems that a lot of people are not satisfied with what they have, what they do, how they live, their lifestyles, their families, their decisions, their inheritance, their religion, their social status & perhaps with all the options they have. As a result spending most of their energy in criticising everything & themselves for not having sufficient happiness, success & satisfaction even without knowing what it is in real.

Such people will always have the feeling of never having enough, or having just enough to live, no matter what they achieve in life. They will remain unhappy, dissatisfied, frustrated always no matter what.

I shouldn’t, but still feel like blaming the existing social environment, greed based networking & largely consumer advertising everywhere which is creating false desires & perhaps cultivating constant low-level state of dissatisfaction that keep us striving to achieve the fantasy lives delivered by internet, television, movies, fashion & celebrity magazines. Because these celebrities look so much successful, satisfied & larger than the life. Even when we know their real life circumstances are different, still they are held out as models for what we all should want to achieve.

So you, like every other, keep emulating them & try to fill the holes of your dissatisfaction by trying to grab whatever you can as you have seen your role models possessing in reel life (not in real life). In this case, you don’t bother how you achieve that, leading to more challenges, chaos & dissatisfaction in your life & world.

Even after spending a considerable life in just grabbing all that you thought good, you continuously find yourself no more satisfied than before 😤.

It brings me to a conclusion that a lot of people actually do not understand what real satisfaction, happiness & success is. Please excuse me, if you know this 🤗.

A feeling of pleasure that comes when a need, claim or desire is fulfilled; happiness with the way something has been done or arranged; experience of eating something delicious or getting a great hug from someone you love; fulfilment that comes from finally knowing or understanding something you have been puzzling or worrying about for months & also consider pride of receiving a sincere apology or compensation from someone who wronged you in the past etc. Yes all these are form of satisfaction, happiness & fulfilment in a way, perhaps for that moment, day or for some period.

But if you will see one thing satisfies your body & the other satisfies your mind. But million dollar question is, does all this make a satisfying life? No.

Then real question is, is true satisfaction even possible? My answer is yes!

In my opinion, fulfilment & full satisfaction generally comes in two stages: the first stage is obviously a personal satisfaction with the way you have accomplished/ understood/ achieved something or through all that just stated here above. The second stage occurs in growing towards a bigger desire, role & greater capacity i.e. to be able to make a difference in the world around yourself.

It comes in learning things about your true-self, knowing what makes you energies & inspires you, knowing your real bug in ear, joys, drive & how to create your real dreams & life that you deserve to live.

What I have just said is perhaps you remain dissatisfied because your desires do not develop & evolve with time. I mean along with normal desires, you need to go deeper, to go after the more value-oriented, soul-serving forms of satisfaction. Remember, true satisfaction is only achieved when you dedicate yourself in the service of your deepest values, convictions, passions & your ultimate goals.

These ultimate goals are different for each of us & of course will depend on our own sense of personal missions & visions. For me, these are to see my children & a lot of other children to grow up to become more interesting, useful, successful & wholesome people, to write a couple of books & win some accolades & awards, to learn to play guitar, to travel most of the world & to be remembered as a teacher, guide, inspirer & someone who prompted a few lives to achieve what they really wanted.


Call for Action:

Let you make a quick list of the things or experiences that may bring you some sort of general satisfaction in your words (e.g., a weekend at Maldives, recognition of your talents, pat on your back for a job well done, a dinner at the best restaurant, purchasing a new apartment, purchasing a purse of biggest brand, drinking the costliest whiskey, resolution of a conflict etc.) Then, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which of those things satisfy you fully in the moment?
  • How long does that satisfaction for each of these things last?
  • Is there a connection between the effort you put forth & the satisfaction you will receive?
  • Which of these satisfactions are worldly influenced & which are related to your own values, missions, passions & ultimate goals?

Now make a list of the things in your life that you are dissatisfied with & ask yourself:

  • How could you change these disappointing things?
  • How might your life be different if you changed these things?
  • Are you largely dissatisfied because of your superficial wants of acquiring newer things or due to something like that you need to make your family, friends & world proud or due to a need that you want to prove that you too can be successful?
  • What minor dissatisfactions are standing in your way of achieving larger ones?
  • Which all of these smaller dissatisfaction can be bypassed & which must be resolved before you can move forward to your ultimate goals?

I wish you all a life full of happiness, success & satisfaction 💐💐

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