Allow Sunshine to bloom your seeds of Greatness.

Today I invite you to stop playing small. Let this be your turn to shine, let this be your time to win, to be your greatest & grandest version – the magnificent you – in the best possible way. I want you to start speaking your truth more & start living your life exactly how you want. I hope your real purpose be revealed to you soon.

I strongly insist that you must use these remaining 10 months of the year in becoming the person you always wanted to be & illuminate your world with your inborn abilities, talents & passion.

In my opinion, you are most fulfilled & happiest when you are recognized for your natural talents, passions & abilities. You are successful – when you are able to do what you love doing.

I wish to encourage you to think deeply about your own choosen path (or the path you are about to take). Are you doing the work that you ever dreamt or loved? Are you making a difference in the world in the way you hoped? Do you feel valuable & respected in your world? Are you shining? Are you using every bit of your natural passions, talents & abilities?

Believe you me – using your natural gifts makes you feel alive & of value in the world. But in the pressure of making a sufficient living or place for yourself in the world, people tend to compromise in what they do i.e. sometimes begin to focus on things they are not very happy in doing. I want you to do mostly those things that utilize your natural abilities, strengths & ignite your spark again & again.

I also want you to stop telling yourself that you are faulty, lacking, or incomplete somehow – that you don’t have what others possess to be happy & successful. That you don’t have what it takes to make your life great.

This type of mindset & thoughts are the giant killer. Due to this thinking, you actually stop yourself from going out & getting what you want. It’s not the outside world that is keeping you where you are.

I want you to stop thinking that you don’t have what it takes to become happiest, fulfilled or successful.

Let me remind you once again that – no one has what it takes in the beginning of their life or journey – we all learn & acquire what’s needed during the journey.

If you feel connected to my thoughts then move away from your state of mind & actions that are keeping you from reaching your highest potential & make you feel victimized & stuck.

Remember, you are only stuck if you let yourself be stuck. All you need to do is to figure out yourself – what holds you back from taking the action you know you need to take. Stop doing the same thing over & over, start doing something that will bring some positive change today & then tomorrow.

I must remind you that – inside you are a star, an incredible person & a divine being. You have always been enough.

Your sleeping genius is ready to wake-up, your hidden greatness is ready to manifest, your real worth is ready to sprout – Allow your own sunshine (your passions, natural talents & abilities) to bloom your seeds of greatness.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 💐

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