Why Are you hardwired for Negativity, Drama, Loudness & Hatred?

I know for sure that everyday you encounter with people, events & TV shows who suck all the positive energy out of you & fuel their relentless hunger for negativity & resentments, leaving you drained, exhausted, hopeless & unhappy.

It may be a habit or a source of bread & butter for some to spread hatred, negativity, ill feelings, conflict & drama, but why you have to enjoy it all the time & allow these energy suckers to wreak havoc on your life & world unnecessarily. 🤔

Whatever the case, I request you to minimize your exposure to negativity in your life. Unknowingly it is affecting your mindset, health & success badly. It is also affecting your natural intelligence & ability to think & produce. It is also affecting your relationships & your world badly.

Stop all the pointless, frustrating & depleting activities immediately & start choosing your battles carefully.

Let me remind you that it’s never too late to make alterations in your lifestyle, habits & routines. Start addressing & understanding the things that are controlling major part of your life. Stay focused only on the good & positive things in your life & world.

By eliminating all the self-sabotaging habits you can begin to do things that are most important to you, eat well, exercise, learn, keep in touch with your family & friends more & work to your fullest potential. Believe me a minor change can help you to have a full, healthy & successful life.

My best wishes & blessings are with you always 💐💐

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