It’s not about your speed, it’s about your stick-to-itiveness, determination & focus.

I know you want something amazing, achieve big goals, reach the stars, be the sunlight in the universe & change the world.

You can surely achieve anything you want & set yourself up for a full, healthy, successful & meaningful life, if you begin to focus on your routine, keystone habits, consumption & begin focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Darling listen – it’s not about your speed, it’s about your stick-to-itiveness, steadiness, perseverance, determination & composure.

Starting to achieve something amazing is all about you making enough efforts constantly, no matter what & giving your full time & dedication to your pursuits.

It’s also about breaking the cycle, thinking newer & greater thoughts, feeling good & great about yourself & starting to speak, think & do some wonderful things everyday.

I wish & pray that you feel a rush of empowerment, love, hope allowing your body, mind & spirit to ignite the power of change so that a positive shift can take place in your life.

Good luck & tons of good wishes 💐

Congratulations to all the winners of paralympics!

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