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The Magic of Eating Out or Watching a Movie Can Never Diminish.

After several weeks of confinement, the experience of seeing a film or eating out or partying with friends will be all the way more magical than ever before. I am so sure about it 🤣. While some of the people were & will always… Continue Reading “The Magic of Eating Out or Watching a Movie Can Never Diminish.”

No one can blow your nose!

It was just a few weeks ago when everything was absolutely normal. Now we can only daydream about normalcy. All I know for sure is that life will surely change, for better or worse, I don’t know. Please share in what ways this lockdown… Continue Reading “No one can blow your nose!”

Strive, Prosper & Grow As A Person Everyday!

This is really very important. This has huge potential for making your life more successful, meaningful, beautiful & joyful. (I know, I’m being too much overconfident & hypothetical, but that’s ok…). I insist you to spend a couple of minutes & go through this… Continue Reading “Strive, Prosper & Grow As A Person Everyday!”

सूक्ष्म से विषाणु ने दुनिया को आईना दिखा दिया।

आज कुछ नही बस एक सवाल आप सभी से की किस काम की है ये तरक्की या आधुनिकता या विलासता का ये दौर जिसमे एक सूक्ष्म से विषाणु ने पूरी दुनिया को घुटने पर ला दिया? किसी भी देश के परमाणु बम, आसमानों को… Continue Reading “सूक्ष्म से विषाणु ने दुनिया को आईना दिखा दिया।”

Your adversaries make you love yourself more!

I wish to share with you a realisation that such disasters & your adversaries make you love yourself & your world more. You learn to remain more resilient, calm, cool & patient with whatever you have. You learn to be thankful for all the… Continue Reading “Your adversaries make you love yourself more!”

Things that became more clear to me & perhaps to you during COVID19 times..

No Pastor/Pandit/ Maulvi could save a single coronavirus patient or it’s spread 😢. World need more hospitals than Temples, Churches & Masjids. Humans are not safe for each other even 🤣. World is not prepared for any pandemic 🤔. Health professionals are definitely more… Continue Reading “Things that became more clear to me & perhaps to you during COVID19 times..”

Be 5% more in this moment!

I am sure you would agree, that our natural state before the birth was peaceful & we were well connected with the universe. This is lost immediately after the birth & in all philosophies we are advised to achieve that wholeness & connection once… Continue Reading “Be 5% more in this moment!”