Being hopeful is the only key to mentally surviving a crisis like this.

Somehow, I have started realizing that only a few people have any idea what they’re talking about & what they are doing in this situation, otherwise most have no idea at all, they are just faking it like a fraud.

I am also one of them. I am also doing a lot of things unwittingly that I really don’t know too much about.

What else one can do when people are left on their own, when they don’t have any support from the system & regime.

Whatsapp, calls, posts that yet another known person has fallen sick due to this coronavirus make you wanting to scream from the top of your lungs because it really sucks. Every day you feel the same – helpless, hopeless dumb, alone, anxious & overwhelmed.

Apart from raising some funds, making some donations, writing these motivating posts & praying for people, there’s not much else I can do at this moment. I mean one even can’t go & console family & friends when they are in hospitals & are fighting their battles alone.

I wish to remind you that life is much more than it is right now even when we’re all caught up in this sad situation & stuck in this begging, waiting & wishing for someone or something to put an end to this pandemic.

Today I request you to make peace with it & wait for things to normalise & remain hopeful. I know It is difficult to be hopeful but this is the only key to mentally surviving a crisis like this.

In the meantime:

  • Do what you can & control what you can but don’t feel guilty on things you can’t.
  • Connect with people virtually. Don’t forget to connect with your deeper-self.
  • Look for everything that may provide you & others the strength & direction to be hopeful for a better tomorrow.
  • Most importantly, take good care of yourself.

Always remember, people have survived all sorts of challenges & struggles in every era. Let’s take the inspiration knowing “this too shall pass.”

Stay healthy, protected & blessed!

I am praying for relief & recovery for all 🙏

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