May you soon find a path towards your more resilient, uncontaminated & great self!

I always pushed you to stay positive with so much negativity all around. Today I am asking you to stay positive when your world is full of Positive People!

This is the only way we will win this battle…

I know for sure, world doesn’t seem to be beautiful place to live, not any more.. & Quarantined life seems to be more scary than the death itself.

But it will not be this way forever. This is a difficult time, but it is just “a time”. This too shall pass. Believe me!

Don’t be scared, afraid & discouraged. Stay courageous & positive.. Your having positive attitude, thoughts, viewpoint, outlook & perceptions still has lot of benefits & obviously dividends too.

I agree to the fact that it is a tough time right now, but you have managed things really well so far. Every one in this world have had their share of physical, logistical, financial & emotional struggles in these last few months. But, most of them including you have handled all the challenges so far with confidence & dodged most of the hurdles like a pro.🤞🏼

This version of pandemic will also not win over us. 💪

One more thing – just keep in mind that your friends, family & your world is facing the same challenge & suffering from the same types of anxiety / stress that you are experiencing right now, so quarantine your negative thoughts, political agendas, blames & start contributing positivity, love, kindness towards each other… in whatever way you can. 🙏

Today I request you to take more care of your health & remain vigilant of your thoughts, perceptions & mood. I want you to remain calm, optimistic & constructive to navigate through this difficult time together & to find a path towards your more resilient, uncontaminated, good & great self.

I am praying for relief & recovery for all 🙏

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