Shift your attention & intention to heal yourself & others!

Dear friends, today I wish to advice you that please don’t give away, don’t get tired & definitly don’t succumb; keep breathing deeply, fight, do what you should & can, take care of yourself & direct all your attention to the One.

I have full faith in him.. These rough times won’t last… believe me!

Please remember this – you are not on your own & unaccompanied in this, you have your spiritual family & Him everywhere, always.

I know it is easy to remember & pray God when you are in a clean room with sweet smell & nobody around, but the challenge is to remember & have faith in Him when there is severity, confusion, chaos & maim all around.

Don’t start disbelieving Him & his plans because this situation & some people are openly mocking your reliance on Him. No, never!

We all know that there is a balance of darkness & light in life. Our natural expectation is that these should keep themselves balanced all the time. But there are times, when the darkness becomes overwhelming (no need to blame yourself or someone). In these testing times, you are supposed to bring in more light with your abilities, born talents, inherited wisdom, good deeds & by using your available sources wisely.

You need to take responsibility of your actions & inactions. You need to transform your acts, thoughts, intentions & wants. You need to begin to see things & world differently. You need to infuse yourself with hope, courage & clarity to bring back the balance again.

Believe me, there is no need to become extra nervous, there is a divine plan, divine guidance, protection & divine blessing for each of us.

In such times of adversity, while I request system & regime to please stop pointing fingers on each others & start owning up the mess & start handing the crisis without any more delays & drama, I request you to direct all your attention to Him & start engaging in self-healing & assisting others. A door will surely open. I guarantee!

I pray God to give you all that you’re currently praying for, desiring, deserving & working towards. Let things unfold, here onward, in such a way that it increases your faith & trust that anything is possible for you.

Stay Healthy, Protected & Hopeful 💐

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