You don’t have to be bored & irritated in quarantine!

I know people have become tired of this mayhem. Passing time has really become difficult for elderly people. If they are not suffering due to this virus, they are surely suffering from low morale, anxiety & stress.

This empty time, listlessness, confinement, inactivity & dormancy is responsible for making them feel withdrawn & apathetic, sleeping badly & neglecting their personal hygiene & health.

Rather than being passively consumed by the pensive sadness & depression, let you begin to establish new interactions & structure your day. Structured day will allow you to gain some control over your life. It will help you prevent a buildup of “empty” time.

I request you to keep your energy up by observing how so many people are fighting & surviving these situations. Establish a clear structure to your day. Instead of staying passive, aimless & involuntary throughout the day, spend your time more productively, do things that adds to your personality, to your present knowledge & intellect. Try doing something new, that you never did before or do more of those things that you are good at already.

Remember, being safe at home & relaxing with your loved ones is one of the best feelings. Don’t feel feel irritated & bored.

Please start engaging yourself in reading, writing, painting, yoga, medetation & things that provide you a great deal of satisfaction & make your quarantined life more settled & predictable.

For the yong tigers – use this time to plan ahead & set new goals. It is possible & necessary now. For God sake, please start attending your health, work on your weaknesses, prioritise your things, create a plan & set goals for the future. Afterall this will be over some day & you will be free to fly in your own sky. This is time, you can make your wings strong. Use this time in doing things that can brighten your all tomorrows.

Remain optimistic about the future & keep looking forward. A lot of things will always happen that are beyond your control, no-one can stop it. But what you do after these are over, makes all the difference. Believe me!

These seemingly endless stretches of tiredness, fear, disappointment, pain & heartache are just brief moments of time that will soon pass.

Let God always keep you, your family & friends happy, safe, healthy & blessed 💐

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