Your potential is much greater than you give yourself credit FOR!

I know that you feel defeated sometimes & start thinking that you cannot go any further from here. I know so many things seem like a mystery to you right now.

But, look at all the things you are doing even when this time is so rough & tough. Each day you are creating, cultivating & manifesting whatever you desire.

Your potential is much greater than you give yourself credit for. You are strong, intelligent, capable & you are doing a wonderful job. You are a bright, noble, genuine soul & surely a blessing to those around you. Believe me!

That’s why I always keep telling you that there’s no reason to give up or beat yourself badly, there is no reason that you become pessimistic, frustrated or fearful from all that is going on. It is all temporary. Have patience, God knows the end.

I can say it with a lot of confidence & my own experience that If you will stay in faith, stay thoughtful & keep doing your best – you will not only navigate through the madness & mayhem that is bothering the world right now but will also make a great story & lead a victorious life. I guarantee!

With this, one piece of advice – stop focusing on the problems & start focusing on solutions. I want you to start communicating with your Angels, Guides & the Universe. Believe me, they all are dying to help you in overcoming your challenges & grant you all that you want & deserve.

I request you to align with your infinite potential, assemble your divinely given gifts & start taking concrete steps toward becoming your best self & reshaping your existence.

Please don’t hold back from going after what you want. Always remember, Universe want to see you happy, most successful & blessed.

Stay manifesting thoughts that offer you & your world bliss, love, encouragement & hope!

Let God always keep you, your family & friends happy, safe, healthy & blessed 💐

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