The Magic of Eating Out or Watching a Movie Can Never Diminish.

After several weeks of confinement, the experience of seeing a film or eating out or partying with friends will be all the way more magical than ever before. I am so sure about it 🤣.

While some of the people were & will always be allergic to our former lives, noises, car jams, over crowded markets & restaurants filled with happy people… I feel most of us would like to return to our free life instead of being confined in homes, no matter what.

Obviously the silent, car-free streets & clean air during confinements made me also realise that how punishing our city lives are. But is it how we are supposed to live? Can whole world enjoy & afford compulsory holidaying for long? I mean how long can we remain in isolation? 🤔

There are people who are saying that people will not return to cafés, fine dinning restaurants, cinemas, bars or clubs… In my views that is very pessimistic thought. I have my opinion, people will. The magic of eating out or watching a movie can never finish.

I will say that these cafés, restaurants & entertainment places are essential tools for our well-being & happy life.

I read a few articles to confirm this. I read about spanish flu which took 50 million lives & about world war-II.

After these so much bigger disasters than this current pandemic were over, demand of such public places increased many folds. People did not choose to continue keeping themselves locked. Business of cinemas & cafés, after the tragedies, were recorded higher than in any decade before or since. I repeat what I read in an online article

After The Great Depression of 1929, movies played a critical role in keeping people entertained.

and every calamity made people more interested in travel, cinemas & cafés, not less.

I’m sure that reopening of these places will be a cause for a huge celebration & we all will see a rush.. desperate people will come out of their houses, flocking back to watch films & eat together at such places.

One more sectors which is completely depressed is educational institutions & coaching centers. My friend Gopal Agarwal owner of a famous chain of coaching institutes in Delhi called me to ask my opinion about how I see future of these coaching institutes post this pandemic is over & I said same thing. I said that everything will return to normal because there is no alternative. Online education can compliment the instructor led training system but can not replace it. Not atleast in skill training sectors.

Don’t worry, this world has survived wars, pandemics & every damn thing. Check with your grandparents.

Fear is OK. Fear is natural. But don’t let the fear control you. I am sure there will be a vaccine very soon. Till then, you’ll probably have to enjoy living with it.

Remember, this is not the last epidemic. You & everyone in the world needs to be better informed & more prepared.

Let God bless & help us in finding ways to bliss, balance & life again. Stay healthy & hopeful 💐💐

What you think about it? Do you agree with my assumptions or not? Please write your views & thoughts in comment section 🙏

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