Stop Being a Puppet of Borrowed Thoughts & Feelings

Your thoughts, point of views, opinions, perceptions, feelings & reactions are rarely yours. Infact most of these are inspired by your connections, your current situations & circumstances, what you mostly see on social media, your own & social expectations & everything else you hear & see.

Believe me, all of these have tremendous effect on your life, your world, the way you live & what you achieve in life. Whether you accept it or not but it is true that every thought that you think is creating your future.

Because over a period of time you, in many respects, become at the mercy of them & they start running your show.

Your these thoughts & feelings have incredible power to shape your life & the lives of others, because the compilation of these thoughts, assumptions & interpretations of circumstances directly influence your beliefs & ultimately your actions.

But hardly anything you can do about it. That’s what is happening with everyone. All you need to do is to remind yourself that it is not a true reflection of who you really are.

Remind yourself that you are the gatekeeper of your mind & can decide what you want to let in & what you don’t.

It is said that you have or generate approximately 70000 thoughts in a day & if even half of your thoughts you think each day are negative, it’s easy to see how letting those thoughts exist unchecked & unquestioned can make staying positive, meaningful, productive, hopeful & goal-oriented impossible.

If your thoughts were original, so good, intelligent, kind, trustworthy & beautiful, then believing them would have definitely lead to a very different life & world. To really understand the affect of what I am trying to say here, let you begin to notice the results of checking this in your own life, in other people’s lives, in your society & in your world. If they were not puppet of the borrowed thoughts, ideas & feelings than we all would have been more happy, loving, at peace, free, wise, clear, beautiful, sufficient & more loveable or there would be atleast no need to seek greater peace or love at this juncture.

If you sincerely want to be in the driver’s seat of your life & wish to manifest your own reality, you must know your thoughts & that means all of them – realistic & fake or positive & negative. After acknowledging these, all you need to do is – remove the negative thoughts that are preventing you to live a meaningful life you should be living.

Filter out & simply keep only useful, productive & those thoughts that make you feel good about yourself. Retaining negative thoughts & feelings will make you feel bad & diminished in some way or the other & most often hold no purpose in serving your well-being. Let you intercept all these negative & nonsensical thoughts, mindsets, interpretations & feelings before they wreak havoc on your future & your world.

Before I conclude my article, I feel like reminding you yet again that your mindset, thoughts, feelings, assumptions, interpretations & opinions can be your greatest allies or your worst fleet of enemy. Input from the world & media plants exceptional seeds of success or failure in your mind.

Let you seek only positive inputs to improve your chances of producing positive outputs & better responses. After all, the choice is yours.

Let your thoughts, words & deeds be in alignment with what you really need at this point in time & what you want to become in near future. 🙏🙏

Stay Blessed, Magnificent & Praiseworthy! ✌️

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