Heroism is doing something & not expecting any personal gain from it.

The movies have taught us that only when the world starts sinking, that’s the time when superheros arrive. They wait to arrive at right moment. So that cameras capture them & they get what they want… To be seen & to receive standing ovation & loud cheers always.😂

But believe me that’s not how it works in your life. I mean generally.

We need to see, care & work for what happens in all the moments. You are not allowed to escape a single moment. Heroism is not at all about appearing scripted always, it is the hard work of showing up when we are not expected to, of seeing what is possible when few are willing to believe, when no one sees the spark & especially when there are no perks. It is to work continuously to your best when there is no one to see your work & clap for you.

I repeat, one of the characteristic for real heroism is doing something & not expecting any personal gain from it. For me & obviously several others, It doesn’t have to be always giving up your life or taking a life for something on the battlefield or saving someone from a burning house. As long as you are continuously doing something that you feel must be done in some way, that qualifies as heroism for me.

You really don’t need to wear a red underwear over your dress to make the world a better place. That is only for cameras & to attract the attention 🤣. To perform heroic acts, in normal life, all you need is to do many small deeds everyday that adds up over time, serve your world, spread love, inspire others that create a ripple effect. Your deeds should build your self-esteem but not at the cost of others. I mean doing intentional, committed & sometimes even extraordinary things day-in and day-out to advance a cause you believe in.

Believe me most of the world is busy in stealing the credits, in complaining, blaming & talking shit. To be a hero, you need to tackle that negativity by yourself. Remember that in real life, no one will come & whisper in your ear that you are a super hero or future superstar.

Let me remind you that your defining moment is whenever you decide it is & you get a new chance to do great things every day.

Before I end my today’s article, I must also remind you that there are so many Superheroes around you, who unconditionally love you, support you, do things for you, give you unreserved credits, love you, inspire & motivate you, guide you, correct you, invisibly remove obstacles from your path, bring you closer to your aspirations, pray for you, root for you, do their utmost to make your life a bit more comfortable & more joyous. They make you feel that you are a superhero, a superstar & a person who deserves all the praise & admiration.

I wish if you can notice them, acknowledge them, appreciate them & be grateful for them because it is a remarkable blessing to have such goodness & love in your life.

Let you thank your Angeles for blessing you with some good souls & feel grateful, fortunate & more joyous now than ever.

Stay Blessed & Keep Being Your Awesome Self💐💐

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