Where is Heaven?

As they say that after you die, you will have all the comforts, luxuries & all the earthly pleasures of life that too without making any effort. If this is the idea you have for the heaven then you have completely misunderstood this, my dear. If this is the motive of all the nonsense you are doing then you are a fool.

What makes you think heaven is somewhere else? Why it is not this place? You have all the fun here, love, laugh, can eat all the tasty food & enjoy your companionship…. If that’s not what heaven is, I don’t know what it is.

Please forgive me for saying that some intelligent people have created this as an imaginary idea to serve only for their personal good. You know what I am talking about.

If heaven is ever to be experienced in life, it has to be here only while you are alive & on this very earth, nowhere else. So if someone says to you that by doing this or that, after death you will get better things than what are available to you here, please do not believe that. Because with that motive you are not going to do good & chances are that you will add more suffering & misery to your life & your world.

Appreciate, acknowledge & thank all those who are saying that you can create heaven for yourself here on this earth no matter where you are.

Let me try to explain my understanding of Heaven. It is nothing more than a state of mind. It’s an inside quality. When you have everything flowing in order, you feel like in heaven. When you have things you need, you feel like in heaven. When you have everyone that you long for, you feel like in heaven. When you have something meaningful to do, enjoy most of the moments of your life & can fulfill your purpose on this earth with ease, you feel like in heaven. When you are competent to inspire others to be more free, happy, sufficient in themselves, you are in heaven. When your heart is in a blissful state, you feel like in heaven & when your mind is calm & peaceful, for sure you are very much in heaven.

That’s it!

Believe me whatever virus, diseases, pollution, noise or mess that we see around us has not come from somewhere else, we are the one’s, who have created it. We have made it hell. We all wish to go to heaven after death but when we are alive we are building a hell…. how regretful it is!

Remember that your foxiness, arrogance, greed, selfishness, stupidity & imbalance mind not only perceives the mess in the outside world & problem with everything but also add more mess & mayhem to it.

I have been saying this for long that what if this planet is heaven & you have come here as a reward. Even if you choose to accept our mythology & all the ancient theories without an iota of doubt. You have been gifted fresh air to breathe, fresh water, great things to eat, opportunities to do great deeds & ofcourse every other thing that bring you joy, fun & happiness that you can’t get from where you have come. 😷😷

So the next time someone says the word “Heaven” & “Angel” think for a moment that they are actually referring to “This Place” where you are standing now & “You”.

Remember that there is no Hell except the one you create for yourself & others. There is no need to convert your heaven into hell first & then hope for the heaven after death. 🙏🙏

Stay Blissful, Wise & Enjoy Your Heaven! 💐💐

If you are in agreement of what I have said here or have some thoughts to add, I will appreciate if you can kindly write in the comments.

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