Time to live the life you want!

I am sure you must have observed a fly stuck in your car & going crazy to go out. But doesn’t go out even if all the windows are wide open. This unnecessary struggle of fly remind me how often we behave in similar fashion.

So after a bit of uncalled struggle, you too become tired like the fly & just travel to a completely unknown place.. I mean where ever life takes you.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Remind yourself that if your habits, routines & lifestyles are not making you healthier & happier, that only means that you are making yourself sick, unhappy & unsuccessful. It is obvious 😤.

Obviously like fly, we all are desperate to achieve freedom, success, happiness, fulfillment, fame & respect, but habitually remain focused on things that are irrelevant & doesn’t help us at all in achieving any of these.

Let you try to build the routines that will help you to replace the bad habits with good habits.

Before I go further, I wish to remind you that your happiness, success or fulfillment has nothing to do with luck, deserving or entitlements, these are dependent upon what you focus on, your choices, decisions, practices & habits.

Bringing more sufficiency, bliss & contentment in your life is a very real & close possibility. You just have to put in a little work. Hope you are ready to do that 🤣?

Google is filled with so many ideas, tips, shortcuts & tricks to achieve freedom, success & happiness. I too have taken liberty to pen down a few of some simple ways to feel good, happy & successful. Some are only repetitions.

Be Meaningful!

I do not know exactly about you, but so many people do not know what they have to do. They really do not know their real purpose in life. They even don’t bother much about it. They have found mobile & TV as an easy way to pass their days.

The point I am trying to make is if you are not doing anything meaningful, you are bound to feel uneasy, worthless & unhappy.

Motivate yourself to find something interesting that demands your full attention, skills, abilities & start working on it immediately.

Remember, meaning comes from belonging to & serving something beyond yourself & from developing the best within you. 👑

Be Choiceless!

You are searching a way out from the car but you see so many glasses, windows.. in same way when you have too many choices, it exhaust you completely, making you stop trying & prevent you from making a decision all together or finally making a bad decision 😪.

Remember too many choices make you miserable & paralyzed.. you end up making no choice.

Do not keep your options open for long. Decide & choose things quickly. Narrow down the choices asap & choose to act on one or a select few.

Build a few clear guidelines & ideas of what you want in real & absolutely don’t want from the available range of options. This can filter out the possible choices & also make you more happy & confident about your decision making abilities.

Focus On Yourself Instead Of Others!

You are likely to see 100s of advertisements, 100s of advices,100s of whatsapp messages, etc. & perhaps most of these are total nonsense 🤣. Anything telling you what to eat, how to look fair (like someone), act or behave in a certain way is making you fool. Avoid falling into their marketing trap.

You need to be true to yourself. You need to recognise & pursue your genuine passions, intentions & interests without copying someone or feeling bad about your authenticity.

Every individual has something they can contribute to the world. You too have. The hard part is figuring out what that is. This will not become clear unless you do something about it.

Cultivate Curiousity!

You will agree to the fact that all the great things that exist in your world today are a result of someone’s curiosity. It’s the reason why people like Newton, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison or Mark Zuckerberg created some of the most innovative products of all time.

By using your curiosity to help you get better at something, become more knowledgeable or see something in a new perspective, you’ll find life to be much more meaningful & enjoyable.

Don’t let your curiosity end only in playing games or finding the climaxes or on social media feeds.

Stop Deferring Things!

If you think procrastination means you are lazy, unmotivated, or lack self-discipline, you’re right. Putting off tasks is a very bad habit.

Do you procrastinate? Of course you do. You put off challenging tasks most of the time. When you defer anything, what happens next is you scold yourself. You ask yourself, What’s wrong with me? I knew what I needed to do to meet that deadline. Why have I screwed up yet again… bla bla…

Whatever it is you are procrastinating on, if you want to get it done, you need to get a grip on yourself & do it. Afterall you can’t postpone feeling happy, good & praiseworthy.

Cross The Line Of Your Comfort Zone!

The comfort zone is a beautiful place to be. But not much happens there. All great things, success, medals, glory, bright future, sufficiency, admiration & joy always come from outside the comfort zone. This means doing things that you resist, hate, or even fear in normal course.

However, for you to push out of your comfort zone constantly, to always be in the face of discomfort, uncertainty, resistance & to be okay with that, you really need lot of guts, will power & solid reasons. You need spark to drive you out despite of all the resistances. This spark can be a passion you are trying to pursue or a vision you are trying to realize or a picture that you have created of your ideal self.

Some More….. !

  • Learn more about things that you do not know. Invest some of the time & energy to learn more about what you are getting yourself into can increase your chances of accurately placing yourself in happier situations & can make you successful more than what you plan.
  • While owning material possessions can be nice, they can never be a part of you like great experiences can be a part of you. This is why you should invest more in experiences rather than things. Travel more instead of buying more.
  • Let you shift your focus from being unhappy about the things you don’t have in your life to being glad for the things you do have at this point of time.
  • Regularly appreciate those who have done something recently for you, no matter if it is inconsequential even.
  • Inject things you are thankful for in your daily conversations instead of focusing on negative topics & finding opportunities to bash everyone around.
  • Pray & Meditate. If you don’t have 10 minutes to pray, you don’t have a life.

Start living a happier, successful & more fulfilling life by making small changes & taking meaningful steps toward a better you. Stay Blessed 💐💐

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