Post Lockdown, Begin With Baby Steps…

When you start going to work again, things are bound to appear more frightening than the real pandemic. Perhaps, bcoz staying indoors for 60-65 days have made you more lazy, cynical, fearful, cowhearted, pessimistic & numb.

Remember that like every one in the world, you too have locked yourself to protect from corona virus. Hope this was the only reason 😂.

But for how long you can continue to stay in your safe house & watch your life pass by. Finally you have to step out of your comfort zone to live & make yourself what you should be.

Be Honest with Yourself & check if you have found some new excuses (more than the usual ones 🤣) to not to go out & live your life.

You need to really motivate yourself to step out of your home (as & when you are allowed with all the prescribed precautions). Break all the chains to get outside your this comfort zone. Once you do that, you will again start enjoying the world, your work & start growing in the process. Bring yourself on the track again 🚂.

My sincere advise is to confront your idleness, limiting beliefs, intention, perception & hopelessness to increase your chance of moving forward. Let you remind yourself once again that the primary emotion you are trying to overcome is your fear & nothing else.

Begin with baby steps… 🤣. Don’t just jump out fully otherwise you will get scared & lock yourself again. Take small steps toward the fear you are trying to overcome.

Let you choose to claw your way forward inch by inch for awhile before you think of taking that big swing. The Google is full of stories who became incredibly successful even when they were born with the deck stacked badly against them. You are more lucky & blessed than whole lot of those people.. check it.

Please don’t just accept things as they are right now. You have enormous capacity, abilities, talents to make things happen. Don’t let these few lockdown days make you live a life far short of what you are capable of & prevent you from reaching your real potential.

Living up to your fullest potential will not happen in one day. It will surely not happen by accident. It will slowly happen over a period of time & only if you decide to take action to do so. As I said earlier, decide to take baby steps gradually each day towards your direction, your purpose & your mission.

Afterall it is a matter of choice that only you can make for your life. So many have already made that choice to be more healthy, joyful, sufficient, magnificent & successful after the lockdown is over.

Let God help you to become more willful & more optimistic now than ever. I have never met a very successful pessimistic person.

I wish you to do the best you can, right here & right now.

Stay Blessed 💐💐!

Hope you agree to come out from your self isolation (with precautions)? Have you freed yourself already? Have you created an image of yourself, what you wish to be in coming days? Please leave a comment & share your thoughts on self motivation in the section below.

Thanks for Reading 🙏

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