Don’t give up!

Love, benevolence, positivity, admiring & respecting, supporting & making others feel in sync & important.

Hatred, blaming, hostility, opposition, spite, egomania & proving others small & wrong.

Both are the forms of energy.

One is green & environment friendly & the other is obviously a form of harmful energy. But both works as fuel, undoubtedly.

You very well know which one is good & which one is bad.

You may use either of these to achive your core mission & purposes. Both can be used to your advantage. You are free & allowed. No-one cares & minds in these extraordinary circumstances.

But, you need to thrive in these situations. That’s the bottom line. You were never meant to just survive & surrender. You can’t give up & loose the game.

I request you to focus on doing things now rather than just planning & talking. Always remember – “Well done is better than well said”.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 🙏

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