Let this Covid19 kick in your teeth help you to grow up more!

If you really want your life, education, job, businesses that’s good enough for the 21st century ( a completely different world by 2025), then you have to adapt corona & adjust yourself accordingly. You can’t ignore it. Not anymore!

Good news: You are not alone in it. Not for now atleast.

You have to start focussing on building a sustainable & resilient future in which you can thrive inspite of corona challenges. After all, how long you would be afflicted with this or remain plagued with this crisis & do nothing about it? You have to create a roadmap for adapting to this adversity & emerging even stronger than before.

You need to take control of your life now by reconfiguring your lifestyle, habits, routines thoughts, priorities & deeds in order to improve from here onwards & along the way.

It is the time to change the course, reinvent yourself & find an undiscovered bridge that will get you over this hurdle.

While I agree to the fact that this corona time is certainly painful & difficult, I request you not to let it defeat you & determine the outcome of your life.

One more thing – this is not the time to blame anyone for what happened. Believe you me – moping around & feeling sorry for yourself & others will do you no good. By merely watching the death tolls on news channels, you are actually sabotaging your ability to come up with solutions & holding yourself from taking steps forward.

The scale of the problems seems to be daunting to you now. But that is no excuse for inaction. You need to make your concious choices accordingly & start responding – taking essential & informed action to bounce back from these difficult experiences.

For God sake – remain fully committed to finding a way forward.

Let you learn to accept that corona is going to remain here for quite some time, no matter what you or anyone do. Stop resisting & start working as per your ability to deal with the situation to improve your situations.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, framed it this way: “Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”

Always remember – people who rebound from adversity begin by believing they are capable of finding a way forward.

You have to have self-confidence & a strong belief in your capabilities to overcome this & all other difficult times.

Keep your thoughts on where you’re going with all this, not on where you’ve been. Keep your eyes on the person you wanted to become & your dreams. I mean – keep your chin tilted upward toward the sunshine, no matter what your situation is.

Let this Covid19 kick in your teeth help you to grow up more & make you more robust, budding, prospering, substantial & magnificent.

I pray God to bless you & give you a healthy & happy life ahead.

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