Pot of Gold – Your Journey & Your Goals!

I know for sure that you are desperate to find your pot of gold. So is everyone else. 😝

It is really great to find pots of gold. But the problem with only focusing on having to acquire some pots of gold is that you completely miss the beauty of the journey you followed to get there.

We always hear those on Google & around us asking us to focus on the Goals. Yes, that’s ok. We always hear those on Google & around us asking us to focus on the Goals. Yes, that’s ok. But the journey that lead us to these pots actually bring the real improvement in us, bring the extraordinariness, magnificence, awesomeness & greatness in us. This is the journey that help us learn things, meet new people & make us feel fulfilled, joyful, connected & bring us a feeling of achievement & fulfillment.

It is your journey to dreams (pot of gold) that will bring a smile on your face when you will look back on the past.

Please excuse me if I tell you that your focus on reaching the end game asap & present goal is purely ego driven – a need to be the best, fueled by competition, comparison – to be better than a few & to win the race faster than those around you. To be most accomplished amongst your people kind of goals? That’s all ego, isn’t it? Just to dominate, to compare & to conquer. Nothing beyond that!

Today I don’t wish to comment on the kind of goals you must have. What are good goals or bad goals. Today it is THE JOURNEY that I’m most interested in.

I wish to remind you that – The Process, the Journey is the real reward. The pot of Gold at the end, if you find, will simply be an additional reward.

The wanting, the daily struggle, the chasing, the learning, the growing, the pushing, the doubting, the believing, the training, the sweating, the burning, the craving, the building of new friendships/ partnerships, the battles fought, the sacrifices made & The determination of not giving up in between – These are the real rewards. Your experiences of journey & memoir is your real achievement & biggest accomplishment.

The pot of gold at the end is just a bonus.

Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It’s imperative that you take the first step today but not towards the pot of gold only, but for the change you are looking for, to discover all the ways to enrich & enliven your life, to become the ideal self – Outstanding, The Healthiest & Happiest You.

I pray God to turn your every stressor & current state of affairs into blessings & direct your journey towards the path that can easily lead to best experiences, memories to cherish & of course to pots of gold.

Good luck & Best Wishes 💐💐

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