Getting started is more important than succeeding!

There are millions & millions of people out there in the world & around you too – who are less talented, educated, resourceful & self-assured than you.

Despite that, so many of those people are more successful, happy, healthy, fulfilled than you are. 🤔

The good reason is: They didn’t care about their limitations, as you do. They started & did the work – hard work!

Believe you me – This is the secret of success in life – Starting & not giving up.

Darling step onto the field today. Go to meet a possibility or opportunity. Raise your hand in online class. Show up in meeting 10 minutes before. Walk up to the podium. Ask the first question. Go out & walk a mile more. Make your first investment. Trade something. Make a move. Start Something Today.

I repeat – take a risk, get started & begin to contribute something to your life, to your family, community & to your world.

Having the courage to get started is more important than succeeding because the one who started can only end up achieving something.

One more thing, before I conclude this post, no need to google what & how to do something extraordinary today. Because I know you will not leave your lazy zone after reading this today, but you can atleast begin to discover what you are good at & start something that is child’s play. You may not be able to win an Oscar tomorrow, but you can begin creating a website or application that can make a difference in your small world. You can’t begin to flap your arms & start flying like a bird today but you can surely begin to walk or crawl today to move forward.

I am sure you can not switch body with those stars, athletes & tycoons you see on TV & in movies, but for sure you can start performing like one of them whose success has been outstanding in your eyes. You can atleast integrate same routines & habits that have allowed others to unlock the power & potential they needed to succeed in their life.

I mean – if you could perform the same training & habits as Akshay Kumar, day after day, there is no doubt that you would sooner or later become a successful hero & a celebrity like him, right?

At the end, I would like to remind you that you’ll never accomplish anything if you never get started. So many people talk about what they want to achieve, the dreams they have, or the life they would like to have. Yet, that’s all they do – Talk. Talking isn’t enough. In fact, it’s not even a requirement. Getting started & staying in game is the secret to making things happen. 🏃🏃🏃

Today start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

I want to wish you good luck in whatever you choose to do today & in life. Blessings 💐

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