Not Everyone Wants To Be Extraordinary!

I today read Swami Avdheshanand Giri Acharya ji tweet in which he wrote:

“nothing is impossible to achieve when there is pure intention, prayer & hard work”

This made me to ask everyone here when was the last time you did something with love, trust & pure intention in your heart & mind?

What was the result?

Now that bring me to revelation that most of us often act & think because of the fear of what we don’t want or just to avoid pain or to avoid looking bad or out of fear of punishment or guilt. I believe that mostly people do not act from their true desires, unaffected by the fear or rejection or looking stupid. Do you 🤔?

The ordinary people do not think, act & do not take the necessary steps to change their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Okay, this is fine, not everyone needs to work hard to become an extraordinary version of themselves 🤣. Not everyone wants that kind of fulfilling life.

You must continue to read this if you are the one who is not satisfied with living a mediocre life identified by anxiety, pain-avoidance & worries, it’s time to take the necessary action to upgrade & make sincere efforts for your own satisfaction & progress.

You have so many opportunities to practice living with pure intention everyday. To make choices & decisions based on pure love & trust. Remember each time when you think from your expanded consciousness, the moment is precious. Cherish it!

Let me remind you that you don’t empty your lungs in panic. You deliberately empty yourself knowing that you will be filled again, automatically. Sometimes life treats you the same way.

This is that time, I mean Covid19 that has emptied our old beliefs, knowledge, thoughts & acts. The universe has turned us upside down & has shaken every damn little thing in the world.

We all are eagerly waiting to be filled with something new after this time. Now what moves into that space while we wait, what comes to make a home in our heart as the world changes around us, that all depends on our purest intentions, thoughts, acts & reactions.

So are you preoccupied with everything wrong in your life? Are you going to fill the void again with thoughts of distress, desperation, anger & pity? Or will hope, love, gratitude, sincerity, determination, enthusiasm, passions, renewed energy, clarity & focus will come to stay where fear once lived?

It is good time when you must allow all those bad habits, unhealthy lifestyles, poor thinking, wrong beliefs & all that which has prevented you from achieving your true potential & experiencing your most powerful energy, clarity & focus to leave you. Don’t allow anything to imprison you any more in an unsatisfying lifestyle of your own choices, feelings & poor intentions.

Let you begin to live with pure intentions, meaning & purpose. Let you remind yourself that your God is on your side.

You have guides around you willing to speak to you both directly & indirectly. There is much to trust within you & surrounding you with love. Let you begin to move forward with the resources that are springing from within. Let you use this opportunity to evolve into something more powerful, dynamic, courageous & capable than you have ever been. Let you choose to become extraordinary.

Stay Magnificent & Live Your Dreams.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions & please leave a comment.

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