Do You Really Know – Where Your Time Goes?

Normally it is said that on average a person has about 27375 days to live. Subtract a third of that for sleeping & another significant portion for those early years that you don’t remember & can’t do anything even if you wish so & now see, how many number of days you are still left with… 🤔

I am not saying all this to dishearten you. I am only saying this because remembering the shortness of your life may encourage you to live rest of your life more authentically, usefully, successfully & effectively. It is also to remind you that the time is short, you need to start valuing it more appropriately.

Simply by getting a full understanding of how your time is spent & spending the time to ensure you understand your priorities, you will be able to stop wasting it & will be able to live a more meaningful & rewarding life.

Using time effectively does not mean doing too many things at a time but it means only doing the right things effectively at that moment. Do not spare a single minute, continue having the time of your life, celebrating, learning, appreciating, thanking & doing everything that matters you the most & bring you more closer to the life you only desire & dream.

Otherwise, continue running around in circles, appear busy without achieving any damn meaningful thing in real life. That’s what I call a pure waste of time. 😢

It is not only about doing something to utilize the time, it is about engagement, getting involved passionately & becoming aware of what you are doing with your time that makes it more effective, fruitful & satisfying. ✌️

I mean if you are watching Netflix & if it is not just a time pass (killing 😂) then you will get involved into the movie & characters become actual people with whom you start identifying yourself. You will pull out more enjoyment, satisfaction, meaning, inspirations & ideas, instead of feeling being a jerk after the movie is over.

Same is when you are meeting your family, friends & colleagues, let you savor the meal & enjoy the gathering, make that meeting an experience, a memory instead of just wasting the time & then regretting it later.

Let me remind you that you are enough for identifying all the useless activities that are not giving you any pleasure, experience & not creating any memory or not bringing you any return & on the top of it, mostly you regret after doing these (after an hour or week or month). I call all those activities time-wasters. Can you stop doing some of these now? Ask yourself what would happen if you would stop doing all of them from today itself? 🤔

If your objective is to know where your time goes then please identify real things & inconsequential things you are doing. Simply cut all those unimportant, time-wasting stuff. Yes, This is so simple!

Time is ticking & tocking itself away, save it & use it to bend fate in your favor & bring some positive changes in your world.

Stay Amazingly Blessed!💐💐

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