Reimagine your new normal!

Yes, I agree to the fact that the corona pandemic has forced us to live in an unprecedented manner & has affected all of us socially & economically. But are you prepared for the post Corona era, I mean once a sense of normality returns, where will you be or how you will look like?

Let me remind you that after this crisis of corona is over, which is bound to happen in a few days, there will be a new normal, new life & a new world.

We all know it very well that how big companies are preparing themselves with new collaborations & adopting new technologies, societal norms & preparing for new consumer behaviours to take over the world & define the new normal beyond the crisis. 

I strongly recommend you to use this remaining days as an opportunity to:

  • Re-explore your fit, potential & opportunities.
  • Re-decide how much & what all you’re really willing to carry beyond this time – what goes & what stays.
  • Rearrange your priorities, routines & lifestyles.
  • Review how you’re spending your most valuable currency – your time. Are you satisfied with how you’re spending your time?
  • Rediscover your interests, choices, inclinations, passions & hidden talents.
  • Re-sharpen your curiosity, skills, edge & axe.
  • Locate your passions, aspirations & dreams.
  • Revise your definition of good life, missions & values.
  • Reframe your healthy personal boundaries & your selfishness.
  • Refocus yourself on what’s important & not just what’s urgent.
  • Reconnect with your people who think of your well-being in one way or another. Hope you know them?
  • Rebuild a bias for action. Outwit your habit of procrastination.

Let you remain continually engaged in present times so as to stay vital, fully alive & hopeful for the future, perhaps better than you have imagined it so far.

I pray to God to help you to reimagine your new normal. Stay Sufficient, Peaceful & Happy! 💐

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