Stop being be a Hamster on wheel!

Let your thoughts & actions bridge all the gaps between the present & your idea of how the present should be.

This can happen only when you stop succumbing to your temptations of distraction all the time & by releasing the limiting beliefs that somehow prevent you from being the conscious creator of your beautiful life.

Let you today decide to pull yourself out of all the distractions & laziness. I know it is hard & that you love staying connected 24/7.

Stop being in activities that keep you busy all the time but never achieve anything important, I mean don’t let yourself be a hamster on a wheel. You need to move forward & grow yourself to the next level.

For God sake, turn off all the notifications from today. Try switching off all your entertainment devices, phone, TV & everything for some time everyday. Think & concentrate on important things (which matters to you & your world) that you have been putting off since long. Remember, an hour of contemplation & an hour of sweat, a day will save you from wasting years.

Let you constantly focus on things that engages, motivates & inspires you. Believe me a little more persistence, a little more effort, a little more will-power & thoughtfulness will turn everything into glorious success.

Nevertheless, let me remind you that you always have been & always will be, lovable, just the way you are. Stay Blessed 💐💐

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