Check your signals & settings… your notifications are blocked.

Today you need to check if your intuition notifications are blocked or if you are not receiving feedback from your guts & whispers from your Angels. You must see if you are having a hard time connecting with yourself. 🤔

Let you recharge & recenter yourself to develop a strong connection with your intuitions, guts & yourself again. You need to restart trusting your own feelings, decisions & choices. Though it is a bit challenging but you need to silence all those voices of self-doubt, blames, perceptions & judgements which are actually responsible for drowning out your intuitions.

I repeat that you need to strengthen your connection with yourself & universe to attract all that you want & deserve in life. That’s the only way.👑

Let you also guide & push yourself to leave your comfort zone, to learn new things, to get in shape, to do a little more, to build momentum, to test your limits & to connect a little more with your passions, bliss, soul & your world to ensure success in every sphere of your life.

Stay Surrounded By Love & Support. Blessings 💐

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