Don’t remain stuck in life!

Everyone has a dream of becoming happy, healthy, rich & being loved by everyone, but very few of us know how to go about bringing more of these easily into our lives. Here are a few tips & lessons I’ve learned along the way for all those who are striving to better themselves. I am pretty sure once you implent all these, you’ll find that life you deserve is much more in your reach than you think.

  • To Be Rich: No one succeeds in doing what they hate, do what you love & love what you do, Take calculated risks, Develop patience, Add value, Cut your unnecessary expenses, Avoid unnecessary debt, Save more in your bank, Make investments wisely – Build a portfolio of blue-chip stocks & properties. You have to make it your goal to do one thing better than anyone, if you really want to become rich. You have to see how most sports players & entertainers become millionaires – just because they utilise their skills fully – let you also work on your skills, train, learn more, practice, evaluate & refine your skills more & more. Remember, only if you are good at something, you can reap considerable rewards.
  • To Be Loved: Instead of saying too much- listen more to understand, Don’t try to fix others, Control your body language, Review your common mistakes & not other’s, Trust others, Love & Empathize. Remember that you don’t need to be interesting, you need to be interested in others to be loved by them more & more.
  • To Be Happy: Set your boundaries, Be present & grateful, Declutter yourself, See your friends more often, Ditch your phone, Take yourself out more, Let go of grudges, Repeat affirmations to combat your negative emotions, Make & fulfill bucket list & avoid being slave to consumerism. Instead of always seeking the compliments, learn to give compliments to others to be happy & blissful.
  • To Be Healthy: Breath deeply, Sleep enough, Drink water, Walk at least 10000 steps every day & strengthen your muscles, Eat less often & only what you need, Oil your body & avoid sedentary lifestyle. Remember that you don’t metabolize just your food… everything you hear, touch, see, taste & smell becomes part of you, let you choose wisely & live a healthier life.

Let you do not remain stuck in life because you’re meant for something far greater than what you are at this point of time. Let you quickly evolve, grow & change on multiple levels. Blessings 💐💐

4 Comments on “Don’t remain stuck in life!

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