Talk Graciously to Your God & Universe!

Let me remind you that no voice is so influential in your life as your own. Reality is bendable to your own thoughts & will-power. You alone are responsible for the reality you choose to participate in. Most of your actions & reactions are controlled & inspired by your own self-talks.

You can’t speak only about failures & have success. You can’t speak lack & have abundance. You can’t speak illness & have health. Believe me, the words you tell yourself on a daily basis can either give life or bring death to you.

Your own words, thoughts, feelings & interpretations are framing your surroundings, environment & life. It is you who is killing your hopes, confidence, your passions & greatness with them, nobody else.

Let you begin to change how you think & act to have blessings flowing from all corners, to be able to walk with your head held high & see yourself as God wants you to be.

I sincerely wish if you can train your mind to speak only words of encouragement & become your own greatest source of motivation, courage & hope from today. It is the least you can do for yourself to become capable of achieving all your dreams & to lead a fulfilling life.

Once again, let me request you to be mindful of what you are telling to yourself because when you communicate with yourself, you are in a conversation with the universe, the God in you. It is only when you change your beliefs & self talks you can look in the mirror & see a King or the Queen in you. Stay Positive & Blessed! 💐💐

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