Why Some People Have All The Luck?

There are high chances that you are influenced by your surroundings, environment, situations & people around you. At the same time your world & surroundings are also consistently in serious risk to be influenced by your thoughts, actions & reactions.

Let me remind you that we all send energy into the world & receive energy back. We all are composed of energy, which vibrates out routinely & is felt by everything & everyone around us.

This is why we feel warm, calm, cheerful, inspired & motivated in some places & feel cold, anxious, blue, drained & discouraged at some places & around some people.

Evidently, good thoughts, good deeds & good energy can boost anyone’s feelings of well-being, can dissolve feelings of anxiety & improve communication. Negative thoughts, selfishness, arrogant behavior & bad energy will obviously result in feelings of discord, conflict & increase resentment in environment & surrounding.

Positivity comes naturally for some of us. But if it’s not your natural state of mind, don’t worry, it is possible to learn how to maintain a positive outlook, how to have optimistic thoughts, how to remain in happy & pumped up mood, how to feel good & emit more positive energy, no matter what. Believe me, if you begin to emit positivity, you will feel good, your world will feel better & your situations will improve.

If you remain grounded, gentle, rooted & emit positivity despite growing up in a society that isn’t, you will have more fun, have more opportunities & can open all sorts of doors in life. I mean, just think about it – Who is more successful? Who gets the real jobs done faster? Who seems to have all the luck? Most Likely – Positive & Blissful People.

If you continuously emit negativity, it’s just no fun for you, for your loved ones & for anyone else you interact with. If you don’t believe, ask few of them… 😂

While sending you all the positive vibes, I wish your today & everyday be filled with happiness, peace of mind, self-confidence, personal growth & love. Blessings 💐

Rajesh Goyal

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