How to Succeed at Everything in Life?

Someone yesterday asked me what is important in life?.. Which aspect of life is most important?… To this my instantaneous reply was – Everything! Everything about your life is important to you.

You can’t choose to focus on one aspect of your life & ignore others. Generally this realisation often comes too late & becomes a lifetime regret. Check with some of your closer ones! 🤣

This thought makes me to write this useful article today.

If any aspect of your life draws a disproportionate amount of time & energy, you have to shortchange the other aspects. That throws you off & you are unable to move forward on life’s tightrope until a balance is reestablished. Let me remind you that you need to find balance & optimize in order to get your life back. If you want to appreciate your life genuinely then you have to make the most out of it. You have to aim to live your life with balance & growth in order to live a fulfilled, happy & successful life. 👑

There is so much information available on internet & they all are talking about so many aspects of life to be balanced… all is good & useful, but I want you to think:

  1. What you do or wish to do to earn money & fame?
  2. How good is your mental & physical health?
  3. Are you learning to grow further?
  4. How your relationships are with others?
  5. What about your relationship with the greater power (God/ Universe/ Your Core)?

Not only you have to balance all of these aspects, but you also need to grow in each of them. You don’t have a choice 😀

Believe me, If you lack even in one aspect, your whole life will be crippled.

If you fail to balance these important aspects of your life then you will live a mediocre life far short of your potential, you will fall sick more often, you will miss most of the timelines & opportunities ignorantly, you will feel lonely & you would feel empty inside.

You can’t afford to neglect any of these. Obviously after reading this you may come up with certain ideas & thoughts to improve in your own ways, but here are my thoughts to immediately assist & help you:

  • Begin to do more of those things that are important to your life, begin to earn more & spend less, start investing wisely & early. Start dreaming big. 🛩️
  • Begin to walk atleast 10000 steps everyday & start eating healthy & nutritious food. Drink more water & sleep well. 💪
  • Begin to write, read & continuously explore new things & areas of interest. Finally constant exploration only will lead you to your real passion & purpose of life. 🤞🏼
  • Spend some more time with your family & friends. Talk to them. Start thinking from their perspective. Start serving a community without keeping the score. 🙋
  • Find time every morning (or evening) to pray & thank God for everything you have today. 🙏

If you do all these honestly, believe me, you will not only grow in every aspect of your life but will also achieve everything you want in life. You will become unstoppable & limitless. You will become a better person with each passing day. You will feel complete from inside. Your perspectives will change & open so many doors for you. You will soon become the best version of yourself.

Let you think some greater thoughts, make one intelligent choice & take an inspired action today. You know exactly what that is. Stay Motivated & Determined To Succeed!

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