What are you holding on to right now that’s holding you back?

Hello friends, all over the Internet & otherwise also everyone is trying to tell us what needs to be done more & add to our routines to become successful, happy & healthy.

But today I wish to remind you that to become the person you really should be, you don’t need to add too many more things – on the contrary, you need to give up on some of these – most of these… I mean 😂

Yes, in order to become a Superstar, Hero, Mega Successful, Maestro & a Big Name, you need to carefully assess your extra baggage, ingrained bad habits, toxic routines & unhealthy lifestyles those are dragging you down continuously & perhaps holding you back from your ultimate success you really deserve.

Good News – that you can give up on some of these unwarranted practices, habits & routines today itself & take a huge leap towards the life you deserve & dream.

  • Give up On The Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Give up Your Dependency on Social Media, Television & Gaming
  • Give up Being Irresponsible
  • Give up Complaining & Blaming
  • Give up the Need to Be Right All the Time
  • Give up Your Hunger of Praise & Attention Seeking
  • Give up Your Impulsive Feelings & Emotional Decisions
  • Give up Being A Control Freak
  • Give up Frivolous Spending
  • Give up Trying To Find The Easy Way Out
  • Give up Thinking That Everyone Else Has It So Much Easier Than You
  • Give up Staying in Comfort Zone
  • Give Up Bad Company
  • Give up Resentments
  • Give up Your Victim Mentality
  • Give up the Fear of Change
  • Give up Regretting, And Holding On To, What Happened In The Past
  • Give up Negative Self Talks
  • Give up on Playing Small
  • Give up Your Excuses

You may not catch onto these things at first, but if you dive into seriously then you will see that you are subconsciously doing most of these things that are keeping you in the same place. You’re not growing or progressing because of them. So, it’s prime responsibility to get rid of them to get to where you want to be.

More you give up, more closer you become to your best version & shift from undeserving to a life of deservedness. After all you deserve success, happiness, fulfillment & deserve to experience all the good things in life just as much as anyone else.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 💐💐.

What are you holding on to right now that’s holding you back? Is there something more than the listed ones that you need to let go of, or give up, before you can move forward again? Please share your thoughts & insights in comments 🙏

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