Stop holding yourself & hiding behind moronic & nonsical things!

In case you didn’t notice, there are so many blessings all around you. Your world is full of beautiful things & you are one of them. ✌️

Remember, it’s a brand new week & you need to be thankful & seize every blessing, possibility & opportunity that you already have or this week brings to you & cherish each given moment more & more. That’s the only way to lead a healthy, happy & successful life.

Let you stop losing your vigor, brilliance & liveliness due to all the hard knocks, anxiety, emptiness, frustrations & dissatisfactions that you have faced this year or in last few days. No need to continuously feel too much bitter, aggrieved wounded & depressed. Look around yourself, whole world has gone through enough difficulty & losses recently. But it doesn’t mean that you have to keep holding & hiding behind moronic & nonsical things or idiotic habits or insane routines anymore. Not at all 🤔

It is time to wake up & start working on self-awareness, healing & growth. Everyone is already trying. 🏃

I invite you to join me in becoming more present & more active now in fighting your arrogant demons & discovering the healing & presence that is on the other side of detaching from escapist distractions that you have employed during this lockdown period. I guarantee that you will be so thrilled to slowly reawakening to life, this is the best thing you will do in years. 🙏

This is something you can only decide & do. Let you become aware of the fact that your life is too precious to lose yourself in all manner of distractions & laughable escapes.

Keep going. Keep rising. Keep believing. Keep believing no matter how things appear. Let your positive thoughts & good persistent efforts awaken you & carry you through all this.

Stay Aligned to your unimaginable blessings! Good luck! 💐💐

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