It’s time to shake yourself up & check what’s wrong with you.

You are awesome & has tremendous potential in you but you are not able to manifest what your heart wants & it looks like a big joke to you. No. This is not reality 🤔

Let you receive more enduring energy, strength & resilience to live out your dreams & manifest all that your heart desires. Believe me, You can! 🤞🏼

There are some fools who do not know what they want. They don’t know even the desires of their heart, but you are not among them. You know your desires, you know your goals & the only thing you do not know is – what’s getting in the way of your manifestation & achievements?

Let me remind you that something is constantly holding you back from your dreams. Something is not allowing you to focus on things that are important to you. There is something that continuously disrupt your attention & kill your motivation.

You’ve tried everything you can think of but manifesting your heart’s desires fully hasn’t happened as yet.

Please excuse me for the repetition – but a few of things that are holding you in it’s grip are here:

  • the inability to do things that matters most to you
  • inability to align all your physical, mental & emotional resources toward manifesting & achieving your goals & creating your ideal future
  • inability to eliminate distractions & interruption so that you can focus & work on what matters
  • inability to move & staying on course
  • inability to concentrate
  • inability to manage your time, energy & attention.

It’s time to shake yourself up & check what’s wrong with you. Sometimes these reasons could be affecting your performance, your family life & relationships more than you can imagine.

You need to encourage & motivate yourself to stay focused & take inspired steps even if you feel or experience some sort of resistance for keeping the status quo. Remember your mind will procrastinate, justify, find excuses, come up with number of if & buts, your ego will create a number of brilliant tactics to keep you exactly where you are; stuck. It’s really important for you to understand all this & begin to take one inspired step or action, no matter how inconsequential you feel this step or action is. 🏃

Let you bring your focus into your heart & begin with one inspired action. Ask your greater self ‘what is one step’ or action that can be called inspired at this moment in your particular case. ✌️

Even if it has some discomfort or fear do it. You don’t have to see whole path, you just have to take a step & then the next step. If you continuously do the right thing as told to you by your Core, then it becomes the matter of timing, how everything you want will unfold. Let the universe take over from here knowing that whatever will happen will happen for your higher good.

Its time to go after what you desire enthusiastically, achieve & manifest. Your family, friends & your whole world is waiting. My best wishes & blessings are with you 💐💐.

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