There’s No Reward Just For Showing Up.

Let me remind you that you have to stop focusing on trying to get instant gratification for yourself. You have to stop looking for shortcuts, hacks & tricks to increase your efficiency, effectiveness, results, stamina, healthiness, success & happiness.

Remember, nothing will ever fall into your lap automatically. 5-minutes of this or a 2-minute of that will never get you anything. This is no secret that this kind of thought process ultimately going to prove harmful to you & your goals.

For sure, you can not start a Microsoft or Amazon or Reliance or build a TATA by sitting in your bathroom & while spending most of your time on TV & Smartphone.

Universe laws apply, every time on everyone. There are no exceptions. Your REASONS of doing something wrong & EXCUSES for not doing right doesn’t work at all.

Applicable Universal Law is “Where attention goes, energy flows & where energy flows, things grow”.

You need to have willingness to take all the necessary steps. But before this you need to be clear about what it is you’re trying to achieve & come up with a real plan to get there. Not a filmsy one. It won’t happen over night, so accept that in order to find real happiness, health & success you have to start doing & creating something significant.

There’s No Reward Just For Showing Up.

I can write 100s of pages on how to be successful, satisfied, peaceful & happy in life but if you’re not willing to do the required work, it really won’t pay off.

There is too much goodness waiting for you. There are ample opportunities everywhere. But your reality will change only when you begin to DO. When you become responsible & accountable.

I know you very well, you are spending too much time on unimportant tasks while pretending that you’re ‘researching or learning or finding motivation or finding things to create.’ But you know what truth is, You’re Doing Nothing 🤣. Believe you me that you will not get anything unless you START WORKING in real sense. So, if you really want to achieve greatness or something you have never achieved before, you have take that first step.

Whatever you choose after reading this: begin to do things seriously & creating a store, an application or service in reality, start walking 10000 steps, choosing a difficult task to complete rather than easier ones, come out of your comfort zone or continue to spend time on TV & Smartphone, hope that you find fulfillment & happiness in whatever you begin to do from today.

I sincerely hope that whatever you choose or decide (to do or don’t) make you smile from years now & that you live your rest of the life with no regrets.

Stay Creating Success! Good luck 💐

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