Resist the temptation to be loud, negative, angry for being an Angel!

I have so much respect for all the Angels who constantly spread love, light, inspiration & encouragement, no matter what they are going thro. I am sure you know that Angels work for us in many different ways. This is one of it.

I sincerely love & admire gentle souls who encourage, inspire & guide others on their choosen path they need to go, encourage good thoughts & always invite others to do good.

You can also be an Angel for your world simply by choosing your words & actions that encourage, build up, inspire & value others. šŸ˜‡

To be an Angel, the first & foremost thing is to resist the temptation to be loud, negative, angry unnecessarily & stop paying any heed to those who just gossip to hide their own failures & frustrations.

Believe me those who see only bad in others – inspire no one, they achieve nothing & they are worth nothing. šŸ‘¹

Let you start believing in others & make others feel more worthy, accepted & approved.

Let your beauty, strength, awesomeness & greatness be seen when you celebrate happily the success & presence of others. šŸ‘‘

Let you remain enthusiastic about what you are doing, your life, your family & intentionally try to convey your enthusiasm & good energy to your world. Let your thoughts, words & actions not only make people feel good but also inject your enthusiasm & prompt them to make their best efforts. That’s what Angels do. šŸ™

I know that some of you call me a man from 90sā€¦ because of these thoughts. But that’s pretty okay with me. šŸ¤—

Let me repeat being good, awesome & being an Angel is not about being the best or about being popular or cool. It’s all about your attitude, positivity & confidence in yourself & others. It’s also about knowing that it always impact others with what you say, do & how you treat others.

Let you keep being Angel, keep your heart pure & keep moving forward. Let you enjoy more peace, more success, more happiness & more God’s favours. šŸ™

Good wishes & Blessings šŸ’šŸ’

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