It was a test of foundation, endurance, perseverance & patience.

For so many ( perhaps most of us) 2020 was one of the toughest year of our lives. It actually tested our Foundation, Endurance, Perseverance & of course Patience.

The Covid-19 pandemic, lock downs, economic uncertainty, disruptions all around & the constant looming spectre of uncertainty & dissipations has created the flux we’re in.

If you’re the one who is severely affected, you certainly have my sympathy.

I hope that you have the encouragement, inspiration, sources & support you need now. If you have started improving, healing & rebuilding yourself, then you have all the good luck & my blessings.

The impressions of 2020 probably won’t dissipate soon. We have new normals & some of these will stick around for a long time.

Let me remind you that you need to go all in & give yourself a confidence boost now which seemingly is in short supply, as of now.

You need to remember that regardless of how hard or complicated a situation might be, know that beyond the horizon there is always a reward for every good effort made.

Let you begin to take responsibility for your own actions & behaviours. Let you begin to focus on what you know & what you can control. Let you have great hopes & dare to go all out for them. Let you begin to show more care, compassion & respect to one another.

Let 2021 be a year of change, a year of moving around. Let everything become normal & more beautiful again. Let your world start valuing collaborations, coexistence, togetherness, meetings & loving one another more than what they did before 2020.

I pray that your 2021 will be much better & easier with less stress & more celebrations, laughter, blessings, love & abundance.

God bless you & your world 🙏

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