Move forward towards your greatness!

Use December to

  • be an infant & learn how to crawl, walk & run all over again
  • start to be great (superior to your former self)
  • focus on being a happier & successful you
  • think of living a healthier & more active life
  • start walking & travelling more
  • start seeing yourself as more stronger, wiser, & more aware
  • resolve to make each day your masterpiece
  • become clear about what you need & want (make some SMART goals)
  • start restructuring your life, priorities, routines & lifestyle according to your plans
  • begin practice of controlling your actions, thoughts, behaviour & reactions in a way that these always remain reasonable
  • become more available to grace
  • make space for your blessings
  • reconsider living without ego, stress, fear & anxieties
  • let go of all the anger, resentment & thoughts of revenge
  • get rid of your redundant baggage
  • recognize what is not working in your life & change
  • thank everyone who made you smile this year, tell them you care about them & wish each of them the best luck in every aspect of their life as they enter the new year.

I sincerely wish that December brings you some kind of happy ending you deserve. Let God’s divine favor & mercy follow you as you travel over this month. Let God say yes to all your plans. Let all the closed doors of good things be opened for you. Let you enjoy the delicious taste of success in all your endeavors. Let you keep winning & believing in yourself.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 🙏

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