Top tips to earn more respect, admiration & cheers, no matter where you are!

Today I wish to remind you that there is nothing wrong in wanting to be connected, welcomed, involved, included, seen, heard, valued, accepted, respected, cherished & loved. Everyone wants & needs that. It is the most important part of any life. The desire to be noticed by others is deep-rooted & natural.

But you do not go out, grab everyone by collar & punch their faces to forcefully get it. 🤣🤣

Remember, it is a chicken-&-egg relationship. It’s a two way street. If you can’t genuinely appreciate, admire, respect, cherish & value your family, relatives, friends & your world then how can you expect them to offer you these? 🤔

You may be someone in high rank, very successful, you may have high intelligence & have extraordinary abilities, but there’s more to respect than all this. You have to earn respect & can make people love you only as a person.

Remember you don’t just get your presence felt, valued, respected, cherished & loved, you have to earn these. 🏃

If you wish to feel more welcomed & cherished, no matter where you are, want to give others a few pleasant emotions, make your world a little more happier & better, make others genuinely respect you & feel like top on the world, then please read on for some of the top tips.

  • Give Others More Respect – Treat everyone with equal respect, whether they’re above or below you
  • Make Your Deeds Speak Louder than your words
    -Going out of your way a little bit is the right thing to do (Help Others).. but don’t be a doormat
  • Share Your Weaknesses & express your vulnerability & seek help from your world
  • Admit Your Mistakes, making excuses for things when something’s gone off the rails is absolutely wrong
  • Say What You Mean but in positive & gentle manner
  • Always Strive To Do Better
  • Be able to Laugh At Yourself
  • Be Kind In Words, Gestures & Postures, Nobody respects bullies; nobody respects a pushy person
  • Be Open To Hearing/ Listening/ Understanding other people’s perspectives, opinions, ideas, plans & change your mind if you feel so
  • See The Good In Everything & Everyone
  • Give Credit Wherever It’s Due & pat on their back more often.

Let me remind you that everything in this world including your behaviours, attitudes, practices & the way you lead your life are eminently fixable. You just have to notice what you’re doing, find what is wrong, find alternatives & ask yourself to learn & adopt what is good & what is needed. It’s really simple.

Wherever you are, you have a sphere of influence–a group of people who are influenced by the things you say & do. Let you begin to behave in a way that sets a high standards. Let you begin to do things you can be proud of & inspire a few others to do the same.

Let your thoughts, words, actions & reactions make your world to admire you, cherish you, love you & respect you more & more.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 💐

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