Every part of you is Mystical, Magnificent & Great.

On this Christmas, I give you the gift of knowing that – You are the best present anyone could ask for. You are Important. You are Not Alone. You are Good Enough. You are suitably Gifted. You hold a special place in Universe. You are not Late. You are Worthy, Deserving & You Matter.

Remember – You have always had all this within you. It’s time to Embrace yourself Fully.

I want you to live more fully the way that God has asked you to live & start enjoying the blessings that come from doing so.

I am repeating this because I know that this can be really hard to accept for so many (may be for you even). I know when you look around at the world, you see all these people who are held up as very important & Oh-So-Big, you begin to think that you are insignificant. This is not true!

You are capable of finding, creating & walking any chosen path in life you might desire. You deserve to be happy, healthy, fulfilled, magnificent & successful. There is nothing you are not worthy of making for your life.

Remember – This Universe is abundant. The lack, mediocrity or scarcity is a bluff designed by those who have achieved everything in life but do not want others to achieve all that. You don’t need to believe that!

Rising up into your true Greatness & Creating the Life You Want is only up to you.

Isn’t it great to remind yourself that you are worthy of making your life what you want it to be? Isn’t it wonderful that your successes do not depend on anyone else?

This brings me to my today’s suggestion – begin doing one different thing from this New Year which possibly you didn’t in 2020: Take 100% responsibility for every aspect of your life including what you do & what you don’t. Take first step in the right direction asap & then in some time achieve a high speed to keep moving you forward faster. That’s it! 🏃

Believe you me, once you start the process you’ll discover it is much easier to get what you want by just taking control of your thoughts, behaviours, your actions & reactions.

I pray God to grant you everything you deserve & want — not just a generic successful life, but your unique badass life in the coming New Year.

I wish you & your world the most wonderful Christmas, full of kindness, cheers & love. Stay Blessed 💐💐

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