Your Plans & Desires Don’t Mean Anything If Your Actions Contradict Them!

Yesterday when I wrote about attracting what you want, some people texted me & said it doesn’t work that way.

I thought about it, reviewed some of these people I know & found that their Action Contradict their desires, hopes, wishes & dreams. That’s it.

When I shared some of these recieved messages to a community of Law Of Attraction Coaches, of which I am also a part of, it came out clearly that by merely thinking or fantasizing one can not simply get whatever he or she seek from the Universe. I mean, You can’t just hit the “start” button & get success, cheer, joy, good relationship, good grades, great career or whatever you want. It is not possible. You can simply use Universe to guide & help you find more of what you’re looking for & not for doing what you needed to do at the first place.

I mean your Angels will not walk 10000 steps in your place for boosting your heart’s health. 😂

For sure, you cannot attract happiness while you constantly acting & practicing sadness, grief, worry, fear, or anger in your daily life. 😥

You need to make sure your actions reflect what you expect to receive. People often says that they want to achieve this & that, try to be positive, send great signals to Universe, but do things that are exactly in a manner opposite to what they desire & pray for.

How it is possible? Take your time & think about it.

No matter how ambitious your Goals are, or how brilliant your Plans are for achieving them, if you’re not prepared to take regular consistent action to reach them or do exactly opposite of what you should have done, they are just wishes, fantasies & daydreams.

All I am trying to tell you is that your actions, priorities, intentions, emotions & feelings must be congruent, harmonious & conforming with what you want to attract. Once your every thought, focus, wish, desire & action merge as one, then only the law of attraction will work splendidly.

There is a magnificent, meaningful, joyful, healthy & successful life waiting just around the corner. Just align your actions with your plans, thoughts, desires & goals.

I pray God to help you align yourself so that you can claim your magnificence, highest potential, greatness & make 2021 a truly phenomenal year for you & your world.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 💐.

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