How to keep & achieve your new year’s resolutions?

It is the eleventh day of the new year. I am sure by now you must have started working on your resolves that you made a night before the New Year 2021. 🤗

I hope you remember your New Year’s Resolutions for this year. I also hope you actually want to keep & achieve your new year’s goals? 🤔

Let me remind you some of your resolutions. I am sure you must be wondering how I know your resolutions because most of the people across world resolved that night to make positive change in their lives & world. High Chances are, these will look familiar to you. 😂

These are:

  • Losing weight & Getting in shape
  • Exercising more & Eating healthy
  • Starting or Making significant progress in Career.
  • Making more Money & Saving money
  • Investing money more wisely
  • Living life to the fullest
  • Traveling to new places
  • Starting something that will bring feel good, more joy & fulfilment
  • Quitting bad habits, lousy routines & poor lifestyles
  • Starting & installing new habits, routines & priorities.
  • Spending more time with family & friends
  • Improving relationship & partnerships
  • Learning new skills & hobbies
  • Decluttering life
  • Getting organized & setting priorities right
  • Stopping to waste time, energy & resources on stupid things
  • Deciding what matters & what are the worthy causes. Figuring out how to give back
  • Praying & Meditating more…..

I appreciate, you have a fair idea of what you want & how your new year should look like. But darling you have made such New Year resolutions so many times & broken so many times. What is so special this year? 😝

That is the sole purpose of today’s post, because I know that by now you must have slipped back into your usual old comfort zone & lifestyle. Same as usual. You must have convinced yourself that no need to stick to the commitments you have made for yourself for too long. It’s too hard.

But, if you want 2021 to be the year that you sincerely wish to keep your resolutions, you need a strategy to hold yourself accountable, committed & motivated throughout the year. I asked some of my associate coaches & got one common advice which I also agree – Break all the resolves/ goals/ commitments into weekly or monthly. This will help you in renewing & analysing your results & achievements every week or month & you will be able to adjust everything as necessary.

Remember, no one can eat an elephant in one sitting, but you can – if you take small bites every single day.

Breaking down your year resolutions & targets into weekly or monthly, self-contained goals can turn what seems like a marathon into a series of Sprints. I am sure you know that Sprints cover the same ground, just in shorter, more manageable intervals.

You will be tempted to give up your plans, goals & resolutions time & again but if you stick around long enough & focus on achieving weekly & monthly milestones, I guarantee – you will easily achieve what you’ve planned to achieve on New Year’s Eve. 🤞🏼

Before I conclude my post, let me repeat – You may have most deserving wish, the best goal or a plan in the world, but if you don’t have an equally great execution plan, you won’t achieve these.

I pray God to help you to achieve all your New Year’s Resolutions & let all these goals be in line with His plans for you.

Good luck & good wishes🙏

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