Making Miracles to become natural occurrences!

Let me tell you that you can become extraordinary only if you can convert your passions into the career, I mean – when you turn your passions into your purpose.

Go around & check yourself out… All remarkable Leaders, Business Tycoons, Celebrities, Entertainers & Olympians are incredibly successful because they are engaged in self stimulating activities – that they genuinely love doing. Most of their activities are a means of their self expression.

Remember, we thrive only when we can believe in ourselves & can find our own passions, purposes, goals & motivations.

The best way to find your passion is through action, trial & error. I mean you can find that spark (interest/passion) & convert that little spark into a passion only by beginning to do something. That’s the only way. You can’t sit in your room & think about having a great life. If you think you might want to become a Dancer, start volunteering in a Ballet & start dancing. There is no other way.

Also allow the mud in your inner reservoir to slowly sink to bottom so that you can see your future self – better self, so that you can see further into distance & so that you can begin your journey to your destination with conviction.

Now, if you too wish to take on the world or atleast the corner of the world that you occupy, leave that comfort zone today, immediately unplug yourself from the external sources & connect to your inner Power House. You will instantly begin to see surge of your energy which will ignite your true potential.

A new Superb You will come alive & you will come to know what has always been there in you. It will activate your divine spark. Magic & Miracles will start to become natural occurrences.

I pray God to fulfill all your dreams & let all your wishes come true. Stay Blessed 💐

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