Graduating from Average to GREAT!

Let me remind you once again – What you represent on this planet is manifestation of God’s energy & a unique possibility. No one else can fill your shoes. Believe you me attaining your regality, eminence & greatness is natural expectation from you.

You can’t continue to pretend limited, insubstantial, shoddy, hostage, unspeakable.. no, not anymore.

Stop feeling sorry for being late or holding yourself so far.

Let me request you to allow today to be the day when you recognise who you are, wake the genius sleeping within you, start relying on yourself, change your perspectives & narratives, abandon the negative in & around you, seek out your real one or two purpose & passions that are worthy of your best efforts, sacrifice & tears.

Let me remind you that you can easily achieve whatever you want, your light, lustre & everything that you really deserve by following a few steps as listed below.

I guarantee you that you will soon graduate from average to great & will achieve much more than ever before. Prepare to Begin!

  • Always have unshakeable belief in yourself & your potential. Connect & Reconnect with your strengths, passion, goals & your dreams.
  • Clear yourself about what you want to create in your life & how you want to live – as if anything is possible.
  • Start using everyday, every situation & everything as opportunity to learn, grow & become better.
  • Start doing what average people are unwilling to do. Push yourself for more sacrifice, sweat, hard work & long days.
  • Take care of your health & constantly work on improving it. Remember, your body is the only vehicle that allows you to do what you are born to do. Start walking for atleast 60 minutes everyday, no matter what.
  • Practice Positive Habits.
  • Start spending time & energy only on things that matter to you.
  • Invest in the right kinds of connections that complement your weaknesses & allow you to focus on your strengths. Remember, the best & biggest accomplishments are never achieved by a single person.
  • Start serving other lives & community asap & make it a part of your journey at the beginning only.

One more thing before I conclude this – Those who achieve true greatness never feel DONE. Cultivating a life of greatness means constantly pushing, learning, living & growing.

If you have read it all, believe you me, you are already on your way to Greatness!

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 💐💐

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