Awareness & Ego cannot coexist together!

I know for sure that you have goals: You want to matter, you want to be important, you want to become super rich, successful & happy, you want to have freedom, abundance & power to pursue your passions, you want respect from your world & recognition for your achievements.

It’s okay if you want all of these with a sincere desire to fulfill your calling & potential but not acceptable & completely undesirable if you want all these out of your vanity, ego, selfishness or idiocy.

I repeat, it’s okay if you have a real vocation for what you’re choosing to do, but if you are just beginning to do something for egoistic reasons then obviously it is foolishness & very dangerous.

One more thing to remember, as the false pride or overactive ego is harmful, so is your fear or self-doubts, which is when you think less of yourself than you should & are consumed with your own shortcomings.

Believe you me – whenever you allow your pride, envy, false egos or your inferiority complexes & self doubts to influence your decisions, perceptions, choices & judgements, you are likely to make poor decisions that will not only hurt you & molest your existing life, but will also affect your family, your world & your future self unfavourably.

You must remember – Ego-driven behaviors, stupidity, impulsiveness, bad faith & falsehood infact make it difficult for anyone to achieve meaningful outcomes in long run.

How you can help yourself – The moment you become AWARE of your falsehood, your egoful choices & that noxious ego in you, it is strictly no longer the ego but just an old, conditioned mind pattern – certainly, NON-DANGEROUS. Remember – Ego implies unawareness. Awareness & Ego cannot coexist together.

There is no denying that the ego also serves it’s own purpose. But when the ego becomes the dominant process of your mind, you fall out of alignment with your true self, your potential, your real abilities & the divine in you. That’s harmful.

Drop Your Ego Today! You have nothing to lose in this, but a whole life to win. I guarantee!

When your ego is lost, your limits are lost. You become Infinite, Beautiful & Awesome.

I pray God to help & guide you to create a life that is more meaningful, authentic, peaceful, loving, beautiful, successful & worth living.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 💐

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