You deserve to be successful, trusted, respected, admired, appreciated, honoured, lauded & recognized.

Don’t expect easy money, trust in your competency, respect, admiration, appreciation & dignity, you have to earn these!

Nothing comes easy & automatically. Nothing will ever drop on your lap. You have to go out & fight for what you want & deserve every day.

Always remember that – there are no shortcuts to achieve anything. You are not entitled to anything. You have to start doing what is important, possible & dedicate your whole self to earning whatever you wish to earn or grow.

I repeat – Start where you are at the moment. Start with what you have now & build up your skills, knowledge & expertise on the way. Don’t just continue to wait for the perfect plan or opportunity.

When you work hard & don’t give up, luck swings your way.

Being stubborn won’t get you anywhere. Remember that you need to make some changes. You need to grow as a person, learn & try new activities. You need to re-examine your automatic behaviors, priorities, routine & habits. You need to evaluate the level of your commitments, efforts & contributions that you make in your life & your world everyday.

See how many times you can be effective, gainful, constructive, purposeful, meaningful & helpful in a day, everyday.

I know – we all aspire to be, do & have great things. We all deserve to be successful, trusted, respected, admired, appreciated, honoured, lauded & recognized.

To achieve all these – make some sacrifices (you know what), start taking responsibility & start doing things (you know what) without waiting for another day.

Simply start doing & attracting what you expect, start becoming someone you respect & start mirroring what you admire. Pullout your greatness. Wake up the sleeping genius. Stop thinking & start doing!

My best wishes & blessings are always with you.

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