Today is worth two Tomorrows!

Today I want to tell you that most of the chaos, uncertainties, confusions & fiascos in your life are caused & created by your inability to make some simple decisions.

Darling, either take the first option you see that fits your criteria 70% – 80% even & go with it or be clear about what you want & stick to it. Dedicate all your efforts to your choice & decisions. It’s not a rocket science!

Alway remember – opportunities/ possibilities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. If you missed the one just now, don’t worry. Another one is on it’s way. All you have to do is – Don’t miss the next one.

For God sake replace your thinking with your doing. Do not focus much on what you need to do, do not focus on what you haven’t done & what you should have done by now, also do not focus much on what is going on around you, Just focus on something you can do now, however small & then start doing it actually. Simple!

I repeat – Just accept yourself as it is for the time being, start where you are, use what you have & start doing what you can. That’s the secret of success! Ask your favourite athletes, celebrities or Billionaires listed in Forbes.

Not too many of them had too many things in the beginning when they started, they all slowly acquired things, skills, teams & resources.

Make the most of the moment you have today, launch yourself on every wave, find your bliss & blessing in each moment.

Remind yourself once again that only fools continue to stand on their island & keep looking towards another land. Successful people believe that there is no other land, there is no other moment but this, only this to do everything to achieve your dreams, to push forward, to improve yourself, to feel happy, well & great. Nothing is worth more than this day.

“One today is worth two tomorrows”

Benjamin Franklin

Let you always get what you wish for & keep doing good. Good luck & best wishes 💐

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