Your falsehood & stupid beliefs that you are more than anyone is actually not letting you commit to something real, beautiful, better & bigger!

There is nothing wrong in being too ambitious, demanding & expecting..

But that’s not rare.. a lot of people want more from others. Wanting more from others is just a common desire.

Darling listen – Rare is expecting more from yourself & not others. Being ambitious or demanding is just not enough. That’s so common. Rare is being commited.

When you are only ambitious & not committed, you remain indecisive & normally leave everything – your life, your relationships, your happiness, health & your future up to chances. Isn’t it too dangerous. You can’t live in continual state of internal conflict & self hatered. You can’t behave in ways that always oppose your highest dreams, welfare & wellbeing. Please stop it today itself.

Sweetheart, if you don’t commit, then you aren’t going to achieve anything beyond what you currently have. If you don’t change yourself, then you can’t have anything beyond what life randomly throws at you.

When you become committed to something, you will begin to shape the circumstances, environment, create the opportunities which will support your commitment. Universe will also begin to support your commitment & intentions. You will automatically let go of the things that hold you back & contradict with your dreams. You will begin to do things that you never thought possible. Try it for yourself!

That’s why I will recommend you today that please give up your false idea of who & what you are. You really have no clue what you are. This theoretical belief of you about yourself is worst enemy who is not allowing you to evolve & change. Your falsehood & stupid belief that you are bigger than anyone is actually not letting you commit to something real, beautiful, better & bigger. This is the only chain around your neck which is stopping you from putting yourself into the situations that will demand a change in you, leveling up & challenge you to become your best version of yourself.

Always remember, when you are committed, you stop justifying mediocrity in the name of your false authenticity.

I do not know whether you know this already or not.. but this is true that the only person you truly have is YOU. You are the person who have to commit & choose the influence that shape you internally & externally in order to achieve the level of success, fulfillment & happiness you want or deserve.

Stay Committed & Keep Shining!

I pray & wish that all stars get aligned for your manifestations from today & that you get everything your heart & soul desires & deserves!

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