Doing Your Best is far far better than Being The Best!

I am sure you must have heard the advice repeatedly “Always do your best”. But do you know – what does this doing your best really means? Especially when you think that you are not enough, bad-tempered & not too sure about your potential

Doing your best is synonymous with living out each & every moment intentionally & to its fullest potential. Just that. Hope you get it?

Darling listen – Your best is going to be different from moment to moment. Obviously it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to when you are sick. Nevertheless, the whole point is, that you just have to live each & every moment with the intention of giving your all to the present, whatever that means & whatever your circumstances are without much self-judgment, self-condemnation & regrets.

That will be enough to achieve whatever you want & deserve. I guarantee!

One more thing: Doing your best is never about achieving the desired, winning or loosing & it has nothing to do with your success or failure. It is only about putting all your energy into whatever you have in hand & situations you are currently experiencing.

I repeat – you can improve your life, your world & circumstances by investing all your energy into the moment, by doing the things that you are prone to delay or defer & only by becoming more intentional about everything, especially about things that matters the most.

Of course by turning your intentions into action 🤣

Believe you me – when you repeatedly do your best, you will be amazed by the results.

Bonus tip – Doing Your Best is far better than Being The Best. I want you to explore, experiment & discover this tip more.

In the end today, I’d like to repeat – go ahead, do your best, begin to accept responsibility for your life & your world. Know that it is only you who will get yourself where you want to go, no one else. So, start putting your ideas into action & begin attracting, creating & manifesting anything you want, desire or deserve.

I pray for your good health & wish you a new week full of God’s favour, amazing opportunities, growth, laughter & blessings 💐

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