The game will teach you the game! Start Playing!

Don’t criticize yourself too much for being naive, sincere, real & for being too nice with the people around you. Don’t criticize yourself for lacking the force, macho blood, impulsiveness & guts you need to succeed at something.

Darling listen – Let you continue being naive & good.

But you are not permitted to be a stupid, negligent, indolent or ignorant person. Be careful not to confuse being naive with willful ignoring the facts & truth.

Step out today for the first time or once again & always remember that playing your game only will teach you the game & make you successful.

Surely, you might fail (universal success rate is 6-7% out of 10). But you’ll never know what you’re made of until you put yourself into the game. You don’t know what you are capable of until you try.

Learn from failures, stay motivated & not let failures define who you are. Believe me – everything happens for good & to take you a step closer to your dreams & goals.

Begin by trying everything that sounds like it is fun & put your best into it to make it happen in real sense.

Don’t forget to walk away from decisions that don’t work out. That’s the secret of success in life.

I wish & pray for you to receive more happiness, success & blessings than you even ask for. Let all good things continue to come your way 💐

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