Happiness & Satisfaction are two different things….

Let me remind you that happiness & satisfaction are two complete different things. In my opinion – Satisfaction means that we don’t have anything to complain about & happiness means that we have things that put smiles on our face.

Yes they both are little different but are intertwined together.

If we want true happiness, we should seek satisfaction. Which will come with a Flow.

Flow is the moment when nothing else matters over what you are doing. It’s when you are concentrating fully on your task & there is no room to get distracted. Flow means getting lost in the moment & deeply immersed or engaged in something.

If you think that your flow, happiness, satisfaction, meaning or purpose will come one day from somewhere else, you are actually missing the whole point.

Darling listen – All the opportunities, possibilities & realities are right in front of you. Find your flow & start flowing.

Life is like a river. The way of life is to flow with the current. To turn against it takes effort but the current will carry you if you let it. Start flowing with joy & ease.

I wish & pray that your life becomes utterly satisfying, happy, meaningful & overfills with love, happiness, sufficiency, health & prosperity, very soon. Blessings 💐

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